This Week in Jobs: Puppies and Rainbows Edition – Brooklyn

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Friends, you know us. Were pretty chill. Were like that cool aunt or uncle who doesnt act like the rest of the grownups. We let you taste your first beer; we go out back and take long, slow drags of our cigarette and refuse to let The Man get us down.

And so, in honor of our hip, totally laid back style, were gonna give you a break and not mention the coronavirus. Because were cool that way, and wed never nag you to wash your hands for 20 full seconds with soap like other adults. We know you get it. Just the way you get that its best to keep a healthy distance say, six feet or greater from other people, and to share the bulk rolls of toilet paper that will not at all protect you during the next few weeks with others. And were definitely not going to scream STOP GATHERING IN GROUPS, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! maniacally, over and over again.

Nope, were not gonna do it. Its just not our style, guys.

Steelers fans, buckle up. Were about to take you on a rollercoaster of emotions. Your favorite tech news and events site,, is about to embark on a yearlong reporting project in Pittsburgh. In partnership with the Pittsburgh Innovation District, were going to chronicle the economic change taking place in Pittsburgh through the citys own edition of TWIJ (couldnt you just squeal?) and deep dive reporting. To sign up to receive Pittsburgh TWIJ, click here.

Not to focus on us all day, even though were so very cool, but were also dying to tell you that our membership program has dropped its monthly fee. Now, you can reap the benefits of a membership with perks like early access to events, a lowest-cost price to our Introduced event and a monthly newsletter with special insights, curation and other treats for free. All we ask in return is that you fill out this Employment Survey so that we can continue delivering impactful career guidance.

And for those of you who are newly, or have always been, working from home these days, heres a bit of advice from those whove been there, done that to keep you from going insane in the membrane.

All you can catch from this list is an exciting new opportunity, amirite?

Well, this head honcho position looks prettay, prettay interesting. Creative ad agency 160 Over 90 is hiring for a VP Head of Client Services to lead a 30+ person Account Management department. Thats a lot of donuts to bring in on your first day.

And the perfect roles for work in the time of corona, here are a few for the remote crew:

Loyal readers, we appreciate you dearly, and hope everyone has as healthy, soapy and stress-free a week as possible.

Til next week happy job hunting, everyone.

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This Week in Jobs: Puppies and Rainbows Edition - Brooklyn

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