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You probably think this weeks post is going to be about Thanksgiving. Maybe its the fact that its a mere two days away, or perhaps its the headline, directly referencing turkey.


Its not.

Because were unpredictable. Were untamed and impossible to pin down. Just when you think youve got us figured out, we oh goodness, is it 8:00 a.m. already? We should really hit the road if we want to stay on schedule.

Wait, what were we saying? Oh yeah, you never know what we might say or do. Because were rule breakers who never wear the same outfit twice, rabble rousers who defy expectations and drat, we forgot to set up the crockpot for dinner. Better do that now.

Dust off those biz cards.Philly Tech Week 2020, presented byComcast, is officially slated for May 1 to 9, 2020 and theres a myriad of ways to get involved. Heres a lil cheat sheet for ya.Not that we condone cheating. Its more like a shortcut for how to participate. Yes, thats it its efficient encouragement for participation. Are we babbling? It feels like were babbling.

flyGATEWAY, will be arriving at the old New Castle Airport: on time. The nonprofit flight school is ready to amp up the aviation workforce in Delaware, and its turning the1,100-acre airport into an aerospace campus for aspiring aviators. Learn more about the program and its funding optionshere. And may your dreams fly as high as the sky. (Sorry.)

Even though we present a list of jobs the same way every single week, its because wewantto, not because were tied to some rigid template, you know? Believe us, the second we decide to change it up, you wont know what hit ya. Were just wild and impulsive like that.

That said, we do want to assure you this list of jobs was responsibly compiled from reliable sources.

Come peer behind the curtain and see how the sausage is made atTechnically Media. Were looking for bothaMarketing Analystand aMarketing and Partnerships Managerto join our fam.

URBN, parent company to some seriously delish brands likeAnthropologieandFree People, is hiring the following:

One of the first-ever open-source cloud hosting providers and continual innovator in all things cloud computing, Linodehas a few new roles to fill:

Macquarie, a global financial services firm, perfect for technologists who crave worldly business experiences and the chance to explore new cultures, has its eye on professionals who can fill the following:

Covering the niche industry of equipment leasing (which few of its employees knew existed before they were hired so fear not),OdessasLeaseWave platform does some pretty rad stuff. That was fairly vague. Apologies. Perhapsreading thiswill paint you a clearer picture.

Ever get really tired of being asked the same question 10 times a day (obviously, right)? How about not being able to locate the one doc you really need? Knowledge management platform,Guru, developed software that gathers a companys collective knowledge and puts it right in front of your pretty faces. And its hiring:

Now, if taking off your fleece robe and going into an office just isnt for you, here are a few remote gigs:

Keep your eyes open, people. You never know when were going to shock you with our unpredictability this intensely again.

Happy job hunting, friends.

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This Week in Jobs: We're one wild turkey -

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