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CLEVELAND, Feb. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Hyland's higher education business segment welcomed two new cloud customers who will host their OnBase content services platform in the Hyland Cloud. The private and secure hosting platform helps organizations reduce the burden of managing IT infrastructure, meet faster deployment timelines and makes it simpler to share and collaborate on content. The Hyland Cloud is built exclusively for Hyland's content services solutions and intentionally designed helping colleges and universities meet their technology modernization strategies while remaining focused on staying success.

"We're seeing a notable shift to cloud-hosted solutions with more organizations opting for managed content services to increase security and efficiency," said Kevin Flanagan, director of sales at Hyland. "We have seen a nearly 300-percent increase in customers seeking to deploy solutions in the cloud and expect this trend to only continue to grow as organizations seek increased security, privacy and governance of their data and documents."

Butler University and CSCU join more than 1175 customers using the Hyland cloud. With dedicated support 24/7, data centers around the globe that provide redundant, reliable and up-to-date infrastructure in a secure environment, Hyland's cloud customers have confidence their data and documents are safe and available when they need them. Each data center is regularly audited and meet or exceed required security standards including: SOC audited, ISO 27001 certified and TIA Tier 3 or 4.

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Two new higher education institutions select OnBase hosted in the Hyland Cloud - PRNewswire

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