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We recently celebrated our 75th Independence Day, but I know many of us are still struggling with our need for freedom from stress, depression and anxiety, among many other issues. We must take care of our mental health and our brain to keep our overall health in place including our immunity, skin and hair. Our body is made of trillions of cells that are dependent not just on the food we eat but also on our lifestyle, our stress and our emotional and mental fatigue that we keep on feeding the brain.

We have to take equal care of our mental health because there will be no communication in our body without the brain. All communication, be it nerve function, responses, detoxification, etc. happens through the brain as it plays the role of the centre point, the core. We cant see the brain and thus we take it for granted. Its working every second of the day doing multiple activities and thats why giving it rest, whenever required, is very important to keep its function and performance at the optimum level.

Few tips for brain health

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Always on your mind - The New Indian Express

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