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Weve all been there: Mind racing, phone sitting just a bit too close to your bedside, a world of lists of things to do, think and worry about that it makes falling asleep (or even winding down enough to think about falling asleep) impossible.

Theres plenty of folks trying to hack their ways into a better nights sleep: From supplements to technology to intensely designed mattresses. But what if you could try to get into the sweet ZZZ zone with just a few videos? Thats the road plenty of people (myself included) take when we find it hard to put our devices down and put ourselves to bed. When you find the right sleep music for you it can be a video with nature sounds, meditative instrumentals or white noise paired with a soothing (preferably dark) screen youll find that its just a bit easier to block out anything that isnt soothing, calming or sleep-friendly.

To help you insomniacs out, we rounded up some of our favorite chill dark screen sleep videos. May you never stay awake long enough to reach the end of them!

Ready to invest in a better nights sleep? Heres some of our favorite sleep tech to try:

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Best Deep Sleep Music To Calm Your Mind at Night - SheKnows

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