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Whether you consider yourself a generalist or a specialist, chances are youve questioned which is better. Its also likely you didnt find a definitive answer, and according to research by the Harvard Business Review theres a good reason for that. As it turns out, generalists and specialists shine in different ways in different fields and at different stages of innovation within a field so neither is really objectively better than the other.

In fields that dont change much or during times when innovation is stagnant generalists have an advantage in creativity and productivity thanks to their ability to synthesize ideas from different disciplines. But in fields that change faster or happen to be experiencing somewhat rapid innovation already, specialists have a clear advantage. In these scenarios, its harder for generalists to keep up with the changing status quo let alone improve on it.

Regardless of which category you fit into, theres good news your creativity and productivity arent set in stone. As the Harvard Business Review finds, there are two types of capabilities that can be improved to deliver better creative performance: the ability to connect ideas across subject areas and the ability to efficiently build on progress in your field and seize opportunities emerging at the frontier.

Even better news? The MarketWatch Shop has a deal on something that can help you do both of those things. Right now you can enjoy up to 53% off a subscription to Big Think Edge, a lecture platform featuring the insights of countless world-renowned experts such as Tim Ferriss and Malcolm Gladwell. Its the perfect way to power up your personal and professional life ASAP.

Big Think Edge has a collection of over 1,000 lectures from 150 experts; were talking Ivy League professionals, Nobel Prize winners, and Big Thinkers like Elon Musk, Arianna Huffington, Bill Nye, and Bryan Cranston. All specialists in their fields, so you can go deep in the industry youre already in and become more of a specialist, add new skills to become a well-rounded generalist, or both.

The lessons are all about actionable insights, not theory, so youll come out of each one with real takeaways you can apply at work and in life. Videos span topics like forming habits, improving your focus, learning how to learn, design thinking, presentation techniques, having difficult conversations, personal branding, mentoring, team-building, and more.

Theres something for everyone, whether youre a manager looking to become a better leader or a creative trying to find your flow, an employee gearing up to negotiate your salary, or an entrepreneur starting a business. And who cant benefit from expert insights on topics like improving your relationship with your boss or your spouse?

In addition to a summary, each video has captions and comes with a transcript if you find you learn better that way. The platform also features learner support guides and a note-taking space so you can keep all of your insights and next steps in one place. And with three new videos added per week, theres something new to learn all the time but not so much that its overwhelming to keep up.

Youll be in good company as a Big Think Edge student companies like Disney, Pfizer, and Citi already trust it to take their employees to the next level. Join them and pick up a lifetime subscription for 36% off, a one-year subscription for 40% off, a two-year subscription for 50% off, or a three-year subscription for 53% off.

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Expand your mind with access to over 1,000 lectures from Tim Ferriss, Malcolm Gladwell, and more - MarketWatch

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