Family Hardship Helps Inspire Student’s Sense of Wonder and Appreciation for the Mind and Body. – Bethel University News

Ogden is also grateful that Bethel allowed her to merge her love of science and her faith. I love that I am able to have deep conversations on a regular basis about faith and science with friends that I have made here, she says. Ogden has been involved in Bethels Science and Religion Clubs Christmas and Easter events, and shes able to explore the intersection of science and religion in classes. But shes also able to blend in her love of theology and philosophy. I love that my interests in theology and science can inform one another and that I am allowed to wrestle, ask hard questions, and evolve my thinking, she says.

Through classes and clubs, Odgen has been able to follow many eclectic interests at Bethel. She loves writing poetry and was published in The Coeval, Bethels student literary journal, and she says her love of artistic expression helps her as a scientist. I am also a creative, and I think that inviting my creativity into intellectual and scientific spaces improves my writing and helps me spread a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world, she says. Along with the creativity, I think that my analytical nature and open-mindedness make me a stronger scientist and truth-seeker. Ogden also loves climbing, and she has been involved with Bethels Beta Climbing Club. She joined the Oxford University Mountaineering Club, too, even climbing in Snowdonia National Park in Wales.

Ogden is still early in her educational journey, but shes received numerous opportunities already. She was recently one of two recipients from a pool of 350 to receive Women in Science and Technology Scholarships through Watermark. Along with an affirmation of her journey, Ogden says the scholarship helps ease her financial burden so she can focus on her studies. After graduation from Bethel, Odgen hopes to return to Oxford to pursue her Master of Science in Clinical and Therapeutic, and then she plans to start an MD/Ph.D. program and eventually complete a four-year neurology physician-scientist residency. Though that means she likely wont be a board-certified physician until her 30s, Ogden remains committed to one day serving families like her own. After honing my research skills through the lengthy art of becoming a physician-scientist, I hope to work on clinical trials for diseases similar to HD, she says. Hopefully there will be a cure by the time I am in practice.

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Family Hardship Helps Inspire Student's Sense of Wonder and Appreciation for the Mind and Body. - Bethel University News

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