FREE Self Development Series: "Curbing Traffic Jam in the Mind" –

TLDR: "Easy ideas to curb the traffic jam (congestion) in the mind, and experience long lasting real inner peace and concentration!"

I would like to invite you to a self development series, Curbing the Traffic Jam in the Mind. We are well aware of the reasons for traffic jams on local roads or freeways. Do we also know why the mind is congested? Many times that traffic congestion is so intense that it leads to a complete jam where we are unable to move forward in life. It is as if the car of our being (I) is stuck on the road called life. Can life move without us clearing the traffic jam in the mind?

In the past there were few days where I felt I was completely blank without any ideas, emotions, or creativity. A complete mental and emotional exhaustion was felt because of the heavy traffic congestion in the mind. At Brahma Kumaris, a non profit organization, I learnt many simple and easy ways to reduce the traffic congestion in the mind. In the last few years due to this practice, I have experienced deep inner silence even during extremely busy or crisis filled days.

I have been teaching Meditation and Self Development classes for the last few years at many places like ICC, BK SV, and Google. This is a free class to share my learning in curbing the traffic in the mind.

Date and Timing:

4 weeks class - Starts on Sep 23 (Wednesday) from 6:30 to 7:30 pm, and next classes are on Sep 30, Oct 7, and Oct 14).

Location: Virtual over Google Hangouts

Contact: Please email for getting the virtual link to join the classes

Source of the knowledge and Raja Yoga Meditation technique:

Brahma Kumaris Silicon Valley, a non-profit organization

540 S.Abel Street

Milpitas, CA 95035, USA

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FREE Self Development Series: "Curbing Traffic Jam in the Mind" -

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