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Yheti transcends bass music bounds with ethereal soundscapes and wobbly bass in his newest albumThe Party Has Changed.

Ohio-native Yhetiis one of the rising stars already making quite an impact on the bass music scene. Gaining support from the likes of Space Jesus and G Jones to name a few, his transcendent soundscapes and unparalleled musical vision have swept listeners away.

Now, Yheti has blessed the psychedelic bass world yet again, with his most recent album The Party Has Changed. This 11 track, 31-minute long work holds an extraordinary range of sounds and auditory spectacles that are sure to leave fans in awe.

With tunes such as Signals from Above and All Over Body Hug, his latest release has already set a new standard of creativity in electronic music. The Party Has Changedbrings a refreshing and unparalleled new take on the future of what bass music could be and we are eager to dive in.

Listen to The Party Has Changedon Spotify below, download or stream the album on your favorite platform and read on for a full review of this wild new release!

The tune immerses the listener in an almost dreamlike state, with only a basic percussion beat to hold onto we journey through the playful world of soundscapes Yheti masterfully creates. By the end of the song, we find ourselves in a deeper, almost tribal-like environment before the song fades away with the sound of birds.

We are reintroduced to that environment at the beginning of A Little Bit Goes A Long Way. The track builds with a playful sample of a complicated flute melody before a bouncy bassline introduces itself. As the bass line progresses, the flute melody evolves as if telling a story and then, as swiftly as this track began, it fades away leading into the next song.

The third track of the album commands your full attention as it effortlessly introduces the perfect balance of wobble and weight. Signals from Above pairs uniquely shrill melodies with deep sinking bass lines that are sure to awe.

The next track titled Weird Trumpet is a playful rework of muted trumpet samples layered over-energetic beats. While its name lends truth to the overall aura of the song, the track itself holds its own persona.

From there Inside a Simulation almost immediately juxtaposes the percussion-heavy nature that the past four songs taunt. The tune is as refreshing as it is immersive, and will draw in listeners with its multifaceted ambiance.

Yheti seems to be playing around with repetitive and minimally syllabic phrases for this new song. Yo challenges the listener to not pay attention to not only the melody or the bass but rather the percussion and simple beat.

All Over Body Hug is an absolute beast of a tune. In a thick, almost viscous-like manner, this uncommonly slow song asks the audience to not only listen, but feel the song. Each hit of the bass creates a level of anticipation that is to be admired.

Up next for its turn on aux is the initially deceptive Text from a Star. As it builds in an almost UK style drum and bass manner, the heavy tune evolves into something much more. As it transitions into an expos of its complicated melody the piece explores the many different ways a song can be expressed.

While the theme of complicated flute melodies and heavy percussion remains strong throughout the work, it is presented in a new light on I Lost You. Yhetis tribal sounds could even be described as World Bass as he leads us through this new atmosphere. Then, almost immediately the flute follows us into the bass-heavy tune Life. Beginning in a deep, almost menacing manner, the track evolves slowly to a lighter more childlike energy before ending.

Finishing off the album is the song Pushing Towards the Light. Clocking in at just a short minute and a half, the track is a perfectly unique way to end off such a widely ranged album. It serves as almost a farewell to the mystical world that Yhetis created in The Party Has Changed.

When all is said and done, Yhetis newest addition to his discography is sure to make waves in the bass music community this upcoming summer. With festival season revving up and fans making new summer playlists, Im confident well be hearing the wild sounds of Tyler Yheti all around.

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Get Lost in the Mind of Yheti with New Album 'The Party Has Changed' [Album Review] - EDM Identity

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