Good Morning, News: $600000 Settlement for 2017 PPB Killing, Deep Pockets Try Influencing MultCo DA, and Everything is GREAT at the Olympics! – The…

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Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt NATHAN HOWARD / GETTY IMAGES

Good morning, Portland! Reminder: There's only one week left in July, meaning there's only one week left to enjoy boozy $5 slushies. Please act accordingly!!!

Here are the headlines.

You'll want to read this story about powerful Portland businessmen trying to convince District Attorney Mike Schmidt to prosecute more protesters arrested on bullshit charges. It's frustrating as hell, but ultimately gratifying:

Here's another environmental phenomenon to worry about: Oregon is experiencing a "hypoxia season"when oxygen levels drop to low levels in the ocean off the Oregon coastthat's much earlier than usual. That could mean trouble for both crabs and bottom-dwelling fish off the coast.

Portland City Council unanimously approved a $600,000 settlement agreement Wednesday to the family of Terrell Johnson, a 24-year-old man killed by a Portland police officer in 2017. Johnson died on May 10, 2017, after being chased on foot by former PPB officer Samson Ajir from the SE Flavel MAX platform.

A Portland police officer shot and wounded a member of the public Tuesday evening at a convenience store in Northwest Portlandthe fourth shooting by PPB this year. New information is still coming out, but Alex Zielinski has more details on the shooting.

With limited fire-fighting resources, some Oregonians are forced to take matters into their own hands:

Disturbing headline of the day, courtesy of NBC News: "As GOP supporters die of Covid, the party remains split in its vaccination message."

NPR has a report out about a new trend with the United States Supreme Court: Last month, the Court twice ruled in favor of giving the President more power over federal regulatory agencies, such as the United States Patent and Trademark Office or the Federal Housing Finance Agency. This means that the agencies, which are meant to simply enforce the rules, could become more overtly political, depending on the whims of whoever happens to be President at the time.

Looking forward to a few months from now, when I can sit back and let an AI bot write this column:

Let's check in on the Tokyo Olympics, where everything is going great, the athletes are happy and healthy, and the world is coming together to enjoy some sports! Oh, what's that? The opening ceremony director was fired for making Holocaust jokes? Yeah, okay, sounds about right.

And finally, let's all sit in awe of this fast-acting teen for a moment:

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Good Morning, News: $600000 Settlement for 2017 PPB Killing, Deep Pockets Try Influencing MultCo DA, and Everything is GREAT at the Olympics! - The...

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