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After unveiling the first release on Deep State Recordings GRUM stopped by to chat about the new imprint and whats to come in the future!

If you love the sound of progressive house then theres no doubt that GRUM is an artist who should be on your radar. Known for his skills both in the studio and behind the decks, hes been pushing the boundaries of the style with his stunning releases that commonly found a home in the Anjuna Family.

Now, after releasing his long-awaited albumDeep State on Anjunabeats and launching a radio show that bears the same name last year, hes kicked off 2020 with even more exciting news. Thats right, GRUM has unveiled Deep State Recordings, a new imprint that will be a home for all things progressive. He launched the label with a solid, two-track EP from emerging artist KANE to really pack a punch and start it off on the right foot.

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With Deep State Recordings in full swing and plenty more in store on the horizon, we caught up with GRUM to discuss where he plans to take the label and more. Listen to the latest episode of Deep State Radio below and read on for the full chat!

Thank you! Having my own label is something Ive always wanted to do, and with the album finally out the timing just felt right to do it and try and build upon that. It will be an outlet for mostly underground progressive music I love.

Ive been friends with Kane for a good few years now. Hes been working away with various different music projects and Ive always admired his passion and enthusiasm. He initially sent over Days Like These and I felt it would be a great first release. Its quite bold and different but fits with what I want to do with the label.

Yes, that was a very difficult time, especially since I was put in a situation I was not responsible for. Thankfully we managed to get it sorted out. I was obviously very glad to finally get the album out it was a relief, and really looking forward to moving on.

The radio show was another thing Id always wanted to do. Its really just a mixture of electronic music Im loving each month, from deeper prog to more banging stuff. Im also dropping in a few edits and remakes I create for my sets, which are exclusive to the show. I also talk a bit in the show, which isnt really something that comes naturally to me, although I am enjoying that challenge!

I will always love sampling and the idea of creating something new from something else. But yes, at the moment in terms of official releases its all about creating something entirely new and really putting my stamp on what I do.

My advice is always just to do what you love, whether its trendy or not. Following your own path may feel a bit like being an outsider, but if the music is great people will always come round to it, I think. Kane mentioned above is a good example of that.

In some ways, yes, people want to get to know you a little and I think thats ok. But there is such a thing as giving too much away. Growing up, the thought didnt cross my mind about what the Chemical Brothers were having for dinner.

My career really is my whole life, its hard to do it any other way. But, I do really want to read more books!

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Grum Discusses Deep State Recordings and What's to Come in 2020 - EDM Identity

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