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The keys for unlocking the deeper world lie within us. They are our power to disconnect from the everyday world through techniques such as meditation and trance. Spiritual journeying refers to entering into the deeper world where Hekate abides with her keys of magick, medicine and mystery.

It is the river under the river that is a road that leads to the crossroads where we come to a gate that only we can open. Cross the threshold through your powerful witches mind, going deep into this river-road that leads to Hekate where she will give you a new key for the next phase of your journey. This is a meditation of connection; a journey of dissolving the illusion that there is separation between us and the sacred.

We open the gate to the unconscious through techniques such as meditation and the use of other trance inducing techniques, like breath work and plant spirit medicine. Journeying is a form of ecstatic witchcraft that has been practiced by Hekates witches throughout the ages. We journey to connect to the sacred within us, through which we return to the Goddess. She awaits.

Being timid of spiritual journeying is the result of years of programming. They taught us that we werent connected or sacred. Perhaps that our natural understanding of the unseen river-road that led to the Witch Mother was crazy. Maybe there were those that told you to fear Hekate. The Witch Mother is intimidating, but never harmful to her kindred. This journey was a gift she bestowed upon me to share with others like me. It is powerful medicine of the Witch Mother through which you will remember what you have always known. That key has been waiting in her hand for when you are ready. Has the time come?

In this journey, previously only shared within the Keeping Her Keys tradition, youll travel to meet Hekate for a new key. This key will be unique to you. How Hekate appears to you will also be highly individual. This is a guided meditative journey where you will be directed through imagery and techniques so that you can enter a state of altered consciousness, through which you can access the deeper world.

This journey was written as a way for Hekates witches to reconnect with our goddess. One of her primary roles is as The Keeper of the Keys of the Universe. This journey will help you do just this as discover your own vision of Hekate and receive a key that will unlock her magick, medicine and mysteries.

This journey is suitable for both newcomers to Hekate and those long familiar with the Witch Mother.

If you are new to Hekate, perhaps read this guide to the Witch Mother before proceeding with the journey.

The audio is available on the Keeping Her Keys podcast thats available on all major platforms, including Spotify.

This journey has been experienced by hundreds of witches, from those doing it in the privacy of their own sacred space with only me to accompany them to me leading hundreds through it in a large group ritual. Individual experiences vary greatly. Ive included a video below explaining spiritual journeying and then offer some guidance for doing deep work while distressed.

Although individual experiences vary greatly, the experience is invariably transformative. Some experience the shift beginning during the meditation, while others begin their transformative in the hours and days afterwards. You may feel very emotional during and after. A spiritual upgrade may ensue.

A small minority have reported falling asleep during the journey. This may be explained as a necessary function of the higher self in order to calm an overly active conscious mind. Think of it as though the mind cant shut up, so the soul calms it through sleep.

Some report feeling nothing during the journey. Sometimes our emotions need to be quiet in order to receive the medicine offered by the journey. On the other hand, if you are significantly distracted during the journey, you may want to try it again.

Watch this class to learn more about spiritual journeying, including the difference between meditation and journeying, what goes into developing a journey and more.

This is a common concern thats important to discuss.If its a mild case of the blues, the spiritual work will help. In particular, the Hekates Key Journey will work wonders for low levels of distress.

Regular practice of the core meditations, such as The Animarum Nyssa (The Unifying The Three Selves Meditation in Keeping Her Keys: An Introduction to Hekates Modern Witchcraft) will correct the low mood through the attunement process. Physiologically, the practice actually increases neurotransmitters associated with positive mood. Psychologically, the practice trains our mind to release harmful thought patterns. Physically, it relaxes us. Spiritually, it deepens our connection to our subconscious through which we can enter the flow of the unseen world.

Note that the Hekates Key Journey (known as Animarum Kleidoukhos in the Keeping Her Keys tradition) is designed to be done by anyone, except those with intense psychological distress, such as those experiencing a psychotic episode. I put a lot of care into the animara(the Keeping Her Keys word for all sacred work) to ensure that they are appropriate for where they are positioned within my work.

1. Low mood is impacting your ability to perform regular tasks like bathing or working.

2. Lack of pleasure from activities that typically bring you enjoyment.

3. Significant adverse life event, such as the ending of a long-term relationship, job loss or death of a loved one. Moving can also be an ALE.

4. Substantial intrusive thoughts that interfere with your ability concentrate on a regular basis.

5. Chronic daily panic attacks brought on by minor stimuli.

If you answer yes to all/most of these questions, then replace intense work with something more appropriate, such as The Hekates Key Journey (Animarum Kleidoukhos) or regular practice of The Unifying the Three Selves Meditation in Keeping Her Keys: An Introduction to Hekates Modern Witchcraft (known as Animarum Nyssa). The Rituals of The Sacred Cave are best left for when we are more stable, or at least after doing the Animarum Nyssa for several days in advance.

Astrological events can influence our experiences for all animara, whether it is meditative journeying or performative rituals. However, they are not determining forces. Think of them as correspondences like any other form of supportive medicine, such as plants or stones. If you are feeling overwhelmed during periods of intense astrological activity, work on your personal shields and your household wards. No force in the universe is greater than the force that is within you. If you cant stop it from entering your space, adapt it for your use.

You may feel overcome with emotion after receiving your key, or you may feel nothing at all. Both are legitimate experiences, as long as you werent distracted during the meditation.

Write or record your experiences soon after you return from your journey.

Pay attention to your dreams and be aware of signs reinforcing the key in the hours and days after the journey.

Spiritual transformation can be challenging, be gentle with yourself.

Connect with Hekates Help Desk at info@keepingherkeys.com to share your experiences and ask questions.

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