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Motivation is defined as the reason or reasons one has to behave in a particular way. Its a critical component in our drive to achieve and the main element that enables all of us to reach our goals. Our mental energy is never static and just as our happiness waxes and wanes so too can our motivation. And keeping that energy on a high vibration is essential in accomplishing greatness.

We sat down with Sid Khattria, the CEO and Co-Founder of Vertoe, to discuss how he manages to stay motivated as he continues to grow his business. His company came out of Techstars a NYC accelerator in the winter of 2018 and has since grown to a leader in the short-term storage space with a presence in 50 major cities and over 600 locations and heres what hes learned.

Why is motivation important for anentrepreneur?

Creatingasuccessful business from scratch is arguably one of the hardest things you cando as a professional endeavor and unless you have a deeper motivation thataligns well with your passion, chances are that you will run out of steam andgive up on your vision and dream midway. Entrepreneurship presents a series ofnon-stop challenges in life and way more failures, setbacks and rejection thanyoure used to and a deeper motivation helps you stay resilient andpersisttowards your goals.

What are the types of entrepreneurmotivations?

Thisis a deep question. I feel people have various motivations that make them takeon entrepreneurship. To name a few, some love solving big problems, some wantto create something they are passionate about, some are in it for the money andfame and some just do it to overcome their family and personal situation or asa combination of one or more of these factors. Personally, I love creatingtechnology that helps as many people as possible along with securing a greatfuture for my family and that drives me to come to work and stay motivatedevery day.

How do I sustain my motivation whenstarting a business?

Youhave to constantly remind yourself on why you started this business and not getbogged by day to day challenges you face and lose sight of the deeper reasonsyou decided to take the leap of faith as an entrepreneur.

What should I practice as a businessowner in order to stay positive and on my path?

Personalwell-being is key. You need to bake in little joys for yourself every day andevery week and not get burnt out by the stress of running a business. Thiscould be exercising every day, sleeping well, pursuing some hobbythatsunrelated to your business a few times a week, traveling every few months. Youshould know how to disconnect and come back with a fresh mind.

What should I do if I run into a problemin order to protect my head space?

Thebest thing is to take a pause and not act in the heat of the moment. Itscritical that you dont let emotions take over and can peacefully understandthe problem and how best to solve it. Talking a short walk outside or sleepingon it for a day or two helps a lot as it clears your mind helps you disconnect,clear your mind and take better decisions. Practicing meditation also helps dothe same.

What makes a great entrepreneur?

Greatentrepreneurs have a vision that no one else saw and had the motivation to willthat into reality. This is not just about the glory but the boring day to daygrind to put in the hard work, intellect and a fantastic team to achieve yourgoal.

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