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After the Senates impeachment charade, President Donald Trump has been braying like a donkey about how the deep state and its swampy inhabitants tried and failed to take him down, and hes out for revenge.

Trumps self-defined swamp crawls with slithering creatures like James Comey, Robert Mueller, Andrew McCabe, John Bolton, Rex Tillerson, John Kelly, Tim Morrison, William Taylor, Gordon Sondland, James Mattis, Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein. Oh, and there are dozens more just like them.

But wait a second; arent all of these swamp creatures Republicans most of whom appointed by The Donald? This cant be. There must be a group of swampy Democrats surreptitiously scheming to take the president down, sloshing around somewhere. Theres always Congress, full of agitated anti-Trump Democrats lurking in the corridors of the Capitol building. But thats a given. No deep state there.

So, what is the deep state? The closest thing we have to a definition was offered by Trumps excommunicated ideological Svengali, Steve Bannon. By Bannons account, the deep state consists of a Tom Clancy-esque cabal of political deviants planted deep within the bowels of government by (most likely) Bill and Hillary Clinton whose primary motivation was to thwart the interests of real Americans (presumably like Bannon).

The problem with the deep state theory is that there are approximately 2 million people who work for the federal government, and all but a handful of presidential appointees have pledged loyalty to the Constitution, not to Donald Trump, and not to a political party. The proposition that somehow a nefarious and well-orchestrated network of deep state operatives is subverting the government is absurd no, insane.

The irony is that Trump, in a cannibalistic rage, has been purging a deep state that consists primarily of his Republican acolytes. Nevertheless, I suppose Trump has had the last laugh. After all, he is not and never has been a true Republican. Whackadoo tin pot dictator is the term that comes to mind.

Stephen Davis



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