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Jason Katz uses bowls and gongs for his Sound Journeys. Photo: Supplied

An escape from the current distress in the world is needed.

Orange Grove resident, Jason Katz provides just the right remedy for such relief through an exercise called Sound Journeys. Katz is an experienced practitioner using the unique sounds and vibrational healing effects of Himalayan Singing Bowls and gongs to facilitate deep relaxation, release and rejuvenation.

Having studied in both India and South Africa, he has been conducting Sound Journeys for over 10 years, and combines massage with Sound Journeys for those willing to explore the benefits of individual experiences.

Each sound journey is an individual unique experience. The sound of the bowls and their subsequent vibrations respond to a number of factors; the environment they are in, the ambient temperature of the space as well as the energy of the group. The body and the mind move into a state of trust and comfort, letting go and merging with the all-encompassing sounds dissolving into silence, described Katz.

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He added that the aim of the Sound Journeys was to relax the person participating, to a point of complete relaxation, where the body has a chance and innate ability to heal itself. I have long been moved by the effects of meditation, and the impact of silence and the sounds of nature. I have received incredible feedback from friends and clients and am motivated to continue sharing this gift, Katz said.

Adding to that, he said clients have described profound experiences including a shift in their moods and having depression lifted. The practitioner acknowledged that lockdown has created challenges for many, but being resilient helps people find ways to keep on sharing positive initiatives such as these. Katz said he shares his Sound Journeys on Facebook. Although there is no payment required; donations are appreciated.

Katz also often conducts sessions to raise funds for non-governmental organisations including Bet on Better, which was co-founded by a Parkhurst resident.

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Orange Grove resident helps to heal your mind through sound - Rosebank Killarney Gazette

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