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The Boys season two finale served a sensational twist for fans of the hit Amazon Prime Video superhero series, when the phantom head-detonator turned out to be none other than the apparently virtuous Congresswoman Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit).

Karl Urban AKA Billy Butcher called the twist mind-blowingly fun (nice work on the pun!).

Many of The Boys cast caught up with EW to reflect on the super-charged climax to the season and how AOC the co-stars have nicknamed her after New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was revealed to be secretive Supe.

Alonso (Mothers Milk) said I was like, No! Not AOC! Please!

No! AOC cant be bad I mean, Congressman Neuman cant be bad! Aya Cash (Stormfront) laughed.

Anthony Starr(Homelander) said: She is pretty diabolical, to use a Butcher phrase.

Meanwhile, Doumit told EW that Ocasio-Cortez was an influence on her character, but she only took a few mannerisms: how she holds herself in a room and how she communicates something. Other than that, I didnt want to completely have Victoria Neuman just be a carbon copy of AOC.

The other big shocker was the demise of Stormfront, which owed a little to Monty Python and The Holy Grail as, after her beating by Starlight, Kimiko and Queen Maeve, the Nazi Supe was turned into Stumpfront, according to Jack Quaid.

Erin Moriarty (Starlight) said: I love shooting fight scenes. I find it very cathartic cause I just play someone in the position of the person Im fighting who I want to beat up and its amazing.

The results were part hilarious, part disgustingly gory, and amazing, said Chase Crawford (The Deep).

Karen Fukuhara added: At the end of the shoot we called Aya stumpy because she loses all her limbs and its like a tree stump.

Which was down to the demonic work of Beccas son Ryan, whose laser vision was unleashed on Stormfront while she was choking Becca. The result? Stormfront became Stumpfront and he accidentally killed his own mother!

Urban reflected on Butcher and the state he was left in after Beccas death.

He has definitively lost the love of his life. It was some of the most intense, heavy experiences that Ive had on any set.

Quaid added that Butchers loss was gonna change everything in season three.

Becca was Billys entire motivation, said to Laz Alonzo.

I can only imagine the rampage Butchers gonna be on in season three, he said. I think hes gonna go dark.

Watch The Boys cast talking to EW about the finale.

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