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Within minutes of the Minneapolis Miracle actually happening in January 2018, we received suggestions to do it for a Rewinder. Which we didnt: we like to wait to do episodes because it would be weird for something to happen and a week later were saying, OMG yall remember when this wild thing happened? Heres a detailed retelling of everything that went into it!

Case Keenums bizarre road to quarterbacking the 2017 Minnesota Vikings would only have been a couple of months old. Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen wouldve been very fresh on your mind. The season the New Orleans defense put up [words]. So, we waited. And appreciated your patience.

But now its time to rewind.

When New Orleans and Minnesota met in the NFC divisional round, there was good reason to expect an exciting finish. That said, youd have probably wouldve thought it would be in favor of the Saints, if only because fate has been extremely cruel to Minnesota.

Thats the biggest thing that this play blotted from my mind. Like a fool, Id been focused on the good thing Vikings fans were gifted with. But having looked back for this episode holy shit. Minnesota fans, Im so sorry. Its been decades since that last shot at the Super Bowl in 1977, and in the times the Vikings have come close since, they either shit the bed and didnt show up or they shit the bed when they had the chance to win.

When the Vikings went to three of four straight Super Bowls, they couldnt even notch a first half point, losing by double digits each time. And even once this moment of greatness fell into their laps, a few years later its accompanied by memories of a player who has gone on to have success with another team. Yes, Jordan Jefferson rules, but I mean cmon how do Minnesotans still manage to be so nice given everything that has happened to your team? Yall need to be studied.

I say this not to rub salt in any wounds, but because Im certain so many non-Minnesotans are just like me: naive as hell about how deep the pain is for Vikings fans. Its the suffering that elevates the Miracle from mere excitement to something far more cathartic. So, go back up to the top and check it out, then hug a Vikings fan the next time were allowed to hug.

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The Minneapolis Miracle was the best moment in Vikings playoff history - SB Nation

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