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If you're one of the many who just bought or is about to buy your first home, this is for you. There is a lot to do before you move in and as soon as you get the keys and many people don't know where to start.

Fortunately, Bailey Carson, Head of Everyday Services at Angi and a home care expert, is here to offer some tips on how to prepare for day one and what to do to get your house to feel like home.

Carson said, "buying your first home is a big milestone and a large investment. If this is your first time, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed by what to do next. I'd start by booking a cleaner to do a deep clean before you move in. You'll also want to transfer utilities right away, as well as turn on your hot water heater and re-key locks."

Find the circuit breaker and your water and gas shut-off valves so you know where to go in case of an emergency. Consider adding a security system and getting that set up from day one as well. A lot of people get anxious during their first night in a new home and a security system can help put you at ease.

As soon as you have access to your new home, you'll want to stock your bathrooms. The last thing you want on move-in day is to be searching for toilet paper, soap, and towels. You'll also want to think about having some essentials on hand like trash and recycling bins, cleaning supplies, and paper towels. This will make that first day all the more smooth," said Carson.

If you're planning to sleep in your new home right away, make sure your toiletries, towels and bedding are all easy to access so you can rinse off and get some rest after a long day. If you need one, include a curtain rod, shower curtain and liner, and rings or hooks in the bathroom box so you don't flood your bathroom on day one.

Carson added, "for fall move-in dates, there are several projects you should take on right away before winter comes. Try cleaning out your dryer vent to prevent any fires. Also, weatherstripping may need to be replaced and cracks may need to be sealed. Also wrap insulation around any outdoor faucets and pipes and finally, if you have a fireplace, definitely bring in a pro to inspect it and also clean it before you start using it."

If you'll be moving in during the winter, make sure the sprinkler system and hoses are drained and stored away. You don't want them freezing throughout the winter. Keep an eye on the basement or crawl space for leaks and regularly inspect your roof, gutters, and downspouts. Clean out your drains and exhausts and cover your AC unit while it's not in use.

Carson added, "maintenance projects may not seem like the most fun thing to do when you get into your new home, but they will help you get started on the right foot. Also think about your home inspection report. If any major issues came up in that, you'll want to get those fixed right away. Or, if you had to waive a home inspection, that's a great thing to do even once the buying process is complete, to identify any of those major risk areas."

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