Trouble at Google’s DeepMind and tech workers not going back to the office – Business Insider

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Insider learned that an investigation of DeepMind founder and Google VP Mustafa Suleyman came after years of internal complaints.

Here's a copy of the leaked email that DeepMind sent to the staff about it all.

When startup Workato reopened its Mountain View office on June 15, no one showed up, even though workers had overwhelmingly said in a survey they wanted to come back. The company had to create safety tracking tech to reassure workers.

That's an extreme example of a bigger trend. Many tech companies are in a new reality, where workers are calling the shots over staying at home or coming in.

A Silicon Valley VC says: 'It's a bad career choice'

One Gen Z VC tells Insider that, despite $210,000 in compensation, policies that forbid associates to angel invest hurt their careers.

Amazon's relationships with its cloud partners are getting incredibly tense, insiders tell Insider.

Amazon delivery drivers say there's a 'giant war' between them and the company as they struggle to meet package quotas.

Google Cloud could take on rivals AWS and Microsoft with lots of acquisitions, especially something big. Here's what analysts would like it to buy.

Insider has exclusive data suggesting Uber is beginning to fix its driver supply problem.

From powerful CTOs to budding coders, these are the people reinventing Silicon Valley.

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Trouble at Google's DeepMind and tech workers not going back to the office - Business Insider

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