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Yetunde Odunsi is a Nollywood actress who features in both Yoruba and English movies such as Benefactor, Blood for love, Alaamu, Agidi Okon, and several more. In this Interview, she talks about her journey in the movie industry, roles she played, and her vision for the future. Excerpts:

Weekend Magazine: How did your journey into the movie industry begin?

Yetunde Odunsi: I have always loved watching people act on screen. Despite the fact that I was a shy person who couldnt sing or dance, I had a deep conviction that acting was my talent. Im a single mother and my daughter inspired my acting career. Once, I decided that I wanted to make a name for my beloved daughter and that could only be achieved when my own name becomes popular.

My cousin, Rotimi Salami, brought me into the movie industry where I trained under Wale Ilebiyi and Damola Olatunji brought me to limelight when I featured in his movies.


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My first time on set was in Aja, Lagos State. I went to see aunty Orwell Ademola who was the director of the movie. I did just one scene and everyone was amazed. At 2am in the morning, she drove me all the way from Aja to Iyana paja so I could get close to my home.

WM: Did you have your familys support when you delved into acting?

Odunsi: My father said he had heard so many negative reports about female actors and so he was not in total support. My mother was not against it because I had a cousin in the industry who is doing well. The crux of the family situation was that I am a grown-up and I wasnt going to feed or demand from them. All I needed was their blessings.

WM: What role challenged you the most?

Odunsi: I have featured in English movies like Benefactor, Blood for Love, 24hours, and those in Yoruba such as Semilore, Oko Mi Omo Mi, Alaamu, and many others. The latest titled Cryptic is going to be released soon. So far, I would say every role I played was challenging because I try to portray someone else and do it as though it were real. For instance, I consider the role of a doctor complex at times because of the professional terminologies involved while conversing.

WM: What keeps you inspired?

Odunsi: I had wanted to give up so many times. But even when I feel tired and need some time to rest, I cannot rest all because of my daughter. She is the main reason I remain strong. I want her to be able to stand boldly anywhere in this world and be proud of me. She inspires me.

WM: What role do you look forward to playing?

Odunsi: I want a daring role that requires me to be an aggressive person that nags, shouts and is wicked. I would also like to do the role of a mentally ill person. I really want to see how this madness will look like.

WM: Once, in an accident scene, you acted dead. What ran through your mind at that time?

Odunsi: This question is deep. Sincerely; in that pool of blood on set; I was earnestly praying that after that, it would not be my last job. That I would not die in reality. A striking thought came to me that one day, despite everything I run after in this life, I will lie lifeless and everything will be vanity. This struck me hard and I thought about my daughter and what she would think of me when I am gone. So, that fateful day, I prayed to God almighty that may this not be the end of me.


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What came to mind when I acted dead - Daily Trust

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