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https://radiofreehpc.com/audio/RF-HPC_Episodes/Episode260/RFHPC260_QuantumQuantum.mp3In this podcast, the Radio Free HPC team looks at how Quantum Computing is overhyped and underestimated at the same time.

The episode starts out with Henry being cranky. It also ends with Henry being cranky. But between those two events, we discuss quantum computing and Shahins trip to the Q2B quantum computing conference in San Jose.

Not surprisingly, there is a lot of activity in quantum, with nearly every country pushing the envelop outward. One of the big concerns is that existing cryptography is now vulnerable to quantum cracking. Shahin assures us that this isnt the case today and is probably a decade away, which is another way of saying nobody knows, so it could be next week, but probably not.

We also learn the term NISQ which is a descriptive acronym for the current state of quantum systems. NISQ stands for Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum computing. The conversation touches on various ways quantum computing is used now and where its heading, plus the main reason why everyone seems to be kicking the tires on quantum: the fear of missing out. Its a very exciting area, but to Shahin, it seems like how AI was maybe 8-10 years ago, so still early days.

Other highlights:

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Podcast: The Overhype and Underestimation of Quantum Computing - insideHPC

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