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The disruptive potential of quantum computing is becoming a reality at an unprecedented rate, and there is now a need more than ever to start to demystify quantum. Its time tounderstandwhat it means for business,the impact it will have,and how to get itembedded intoemerging technology strategies within organisations.

As revenue from quantum computing is expected to grow at a CAGR of 32% from 2019 to 2030, reaching 2.54 billion ($3.5 billion) in 2030, there is huge potentialinunlockingthis transformative technology. So,the question is, how to get this relativelynewtechnology that has the possibility to revolutionise business on thestrategicagenda now?

Part of the strategy to roll out quantumin businesswillbehowtopresent this to both internal and external stakeholders, how and what to educate teams onregardingthegrowthopportunity quantum offers, and the steps to taketo do this. And this is no mean feat.

The Quantum Computing Summit London,co-located with The AI Summitat theExCeLLondon(22-23 September),has been designed to provide businessand technical insight, to showcase how quantum is delivering real business value.Access the knowledge from the leaders who will be presenting quantum computing in way that will enable enterprises to secureinvestmentandstakeholder support,and enable them toprogress with pilot programmes.

The Quantum Computing Summit will behostingglobal pioneersfrom across the techsphere who are leading the quantum charge,andwill be diving into topics and discussion areasthat include:

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There isnt a silver bullet for quantum computing but therecouldbe consequences for failing to preparefor this next wave of digital transformation.At the Quantum ComputingSummit,you can leverage access to theexpertswhowill be demonstratinginitial steps required to take in your quantumjourney, and how to lay the foundations for a comprehensive strategy androadmapfor success.

Connect with partners who are actively working with enterprises to scale quantum, and who are accelerating the application of quantum computing in business to solve the most challenging problems.TheQuantum Computing Summitgives enterprisesaccess the tools, practical insights and strategiesto demystify quantum,which will help enterprises to:

There is no doubt that Quantum computing has the potential to disrupt your industry. Gain a competitive edge with access to two days of unrivalled content and access the strategies to quantum you can implement to accelerate business success.

Now is the time to actively take steps to build partnerships that will take your company to the next level.Join us next week in a safe and secure environment and lets get back to business.

The Quantum Computing Summit, 22-23rdSeptember2021,ExCeLLondon.

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Prepare for the next phase of digital transformation at The Quantum Computing Summit - UKTN - UKTN (UK Technology News

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