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It May Be Too Early to Prepare Your Data Center for Quantum Computing:Before some fundamental questions are answered, it's hard to predict what shape quantum computing will take at scale.

Google, Amazon, Microsoft Share New Security Efforts After White House Summit:The news arrives after tech company leaders met with President Biden to discuss the public-private partnership needed to address security threats.

What Has to Happen for Quantum Computing to Hit Mainstream?Data Center World keynote: It's still early days for quantum computing, where the fundamental technology remains unsettled, and the nature of workloads is fuzzy.

Open Compute Project: Redefining Open Source for the Data Center:OCP expanded the meaning of "open source" beyond software to address the same problems open source software is meant to address.

Taking a Close Look at the $2B for Cybersecurity in the $1T US Infrastructure Bill:The $1 trillion spending package includes funds for bolstering cybersecurity posture in critical digital infrastructure.

The Intersection of Colocation and Hybrid Cloud Remains in Flux:All colo providers recognize a business opportunity in the hybrid cloud trend. How theyre going after it differs widely.

How Much Does Hard Disk Temperature Matter?Tracking hard disk temperature can help avoid disk failure--and the consequences of disk failure.

Digital Realtys Hybrid Cloud Strategy Rests On Connectivity, Partnerships:The companys focus is on making connectivity easier for customers, while partners enable hybrid architecture solutions.

Pilot in Austin to Offer Early Look at Edge Computing at Scale:A group is deploying dozens of nodes that combine compute, connectivity, and sensors in a uniform fashion.

Nvidia Gives Upbeat Forecast Even as Supplies Remain Tight:Its data center unit, which sells GPU accelerators for supercomputers and AI, had sales of $2.37 billion in the quarter, up 35% from a year earlier.

Will Cloudflares Zero-Carbon Pledge Make a Real Impact?Its commitment to 100% renewable energy operations and removing historic emissions is laudable, but complex challenges limit its ambitions compared with hyperscalers.

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