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Storing and organizing data and spreading information within organizations are crucial functions of many industries. Modern technology brought advancements such as cloud computing services, making it possible for various sectors to store, secure, back up, and disseminate information efficiently.

Today, cloud computing is available and suitable for other industries to fulfill various missions and operations. Here is a rundown of the executives who were key playersin no particular orderin the cloud computing industry in 2023.

Greg Bateman has been the Regional Vice President of Defense at Salesforce since March 2022. He is responsible for the companys business with the US Department of Defenses (DOD) 4th Estate, the division that covers organizations outside the military and intelligence community agencies.

Bateman also takes charge of establishing trust with customers that rely on Salesforces cloud computing services. Proof of this commitment is Salesforce IL4 for the DoD. IL4 is a designation that covers controlled unclassified information (CUI), non-CUI, export-controlled data, personally identifiable information (PII), non-national security systems, and other mission-critical information.

Bateman brings nearly ten years of professional experience in cloud computing services to Salesforce. Previously, he has engineered new cloud reseller programs, established cloud-focused systems to bolster business growth, and led federal agencies to adopt cloud platforms effectively.

Lillian Chang is the Senior Vice President of Product Strategy at SAP National Security Services (NS2). Since 2021, Chang has been responsible for the companys cloud portfolio and partnership relations. She also manages SAP NS2s physical cloud environment, including its software and hardware services to bolster cost optimization.

Chang has 10 years of experience working on cloud computing solutions at SAP NS2. Prior to her current role, Chang served as GTM Director and GTM Vice President of NS2 Cloud. She leverages her past experience to engineer cloud platforms and cloud-based solutions that meet critical infrastructure industry requirements.

On March 22, 2023, the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRamp) granted certification for SAP NS2s cloud-based enterprise resource planning program. Under Changs leadership, this program enables federal clients to deploy the cloud platform as a software-as-a-service application within SAP NS2s Cloud Intelligent Enterprise.

Steve Derr has been the Vice President of Oracle Corporations Cloud Operations & Engineering division since 2017. In his current role, Derr leads teams specializing in cloud operations and engineering services to cater to the demands of National Security clients.

At Oracle, Derr accumulates over ten years of experience working on cloud computing and hardware solutions for federal intelligence agencies. He led teams and developed the know-how to utilize Oracles storage solutions, high-performance computing, and Engineered Systems to deploy mission-critical capabilities for different segments of the federal government.

Kathleen Flynn is the Vice President of Cross-Cutting Capabilities at Capgemini Government Solutions, a subsidiary of Capgemini SE. Flynn has been vice president since 2015 and oversees the distribution of all capabilities for the companys portfolio of client partners.

Flynn focuses on defining practical applications and accessing Capgeminis resources for intelligence, cloud migration, and portfolio rationalization on behalf of the companys clients.

Toby Haertl has been part of CyrusOne since 2017 and is currently the companys Enterprise and Federal Segments Global Business Development Manager.

Haertl possesses ten years of professional experience in cloud computing services and draws from his previous work to innovate cloud-based applications. He leveraged his expertise in CyrusOnes cloud computing services as the National Channel Manager of Solution Providers. He specialized in delivering advanced data centers to support clients managed services and cloud infrastructure businesses and forge strategic and stronger client relationships.

Brian Keith is the General Manager, Azure Data and AI Leader, and National Intelligence Specialist at Microsoft Federal, the missions-focused arm of Microsoft Corporation.

Keith is focused on integrating data and artificial intelligence into federal and business organizations and workflows through agile data, AI solutions, and cloud strategies. With decades of developing solutions for the federal government, Keith is an expert in deploying AI and intelligence strategies to support critical missions.

Michael Mike Miller is Vice President of Enterprise Sales and the North America Public Sector of Red Hat. He has 25 years of experience in cybersecurity, analytics, data protection, DevOps, and code-free developments.

At Red Hat, Miller leads teams with innovative members that deliver cloud-based solutions, high-performing Linux applications, container, and Kubernetes technologies to help solve complicated problems in different domains.

Drew Schnabel is the Vice President of Federal at Zscaler. Schnabel has years of experience developing software and information systems that support different missions and projects for the US government. His expertise includes service delivery, enterprise software, enterprise architecture, SaaS, and storage area network (SAN).

Schnabel is committed to ensuring that Zscalers zero-trust cloud security platforms are accessible to federal clients, regardless of device, network, or location. In 2021, Schnabel was involved in developing the Secure Cloud Management (SCM) prototype for the Department of Defense.

Kaus Phaltankar co-founded Caveonix in 2017 and is the companys current President and Chief Executive Officer. He has a 25-year professional background in cybersecurity and enterprise managementdomains he integrated with the cloud computing system of Caveonix.

In a panel discussion on cloud security in 2018, Phaltankar offered insight into businesses growing demand for control and visibility among hybrid cloud environments to support employees, resources, business partners, and crucial IT assets. The panel and Phaltankars expertise resulted in the development of Caveonix Cloud, the first-of-its-kind cloud digital risk platform designed for hybrid clouds.

Brad Scyrkels is the Vice President of the Public Sector and General Manager of Cyxtera Federal Group. He was chosen for these roles in 2021 and is in charge of the sales, marketing, channels, infosec, and GRC efforts of Cyxteras Public Sector.

Scyrkels leads a team of cloud experts that work on FedRamp, Cyxteras hybrid cloud security services for the federal government. They work on integrating the speed and scale of the cloud with the performance, accuracy, and cost benefits of data centers.

Brian Pickerall is the current Senior Vice President of Changeis, Inc. He has 25 years of professional experience in project management, large-scale software development, and transportation operations systems.

Pickerall is responsible for the companys initiatives, such as business development and business growth plans. He is also in charge of Changeis Enterprise Technology Solutions, which covers data analytics, hybrid cloud services, and domain expertise.

13 Executives Making Waves in Cloud Computing for 2023 - Executive Gov

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