Cloud computing | Shaping Europes digital future

The global data volume is growing very fast. Whereas cloud computing happens mostly in large data-centres today, by 2025 this trend will reverse: 80% of all data is expected to beprocessed in smart devices closer to the user, known as edge computing.

The availability ofboth edge and cloud computing isessential in a computing continuum to ensure that data isprocessed in the most efficient manner. Energy-efficient and trustworthy edge and cloud infrastructures will be fundamentalfor the sustainable use of edge and cloud computing technologies.

Cloud computing is a key objective to increase Europe's data sovereignty as outlined in the European CommissionsData Strategy,Digital Strategy,Industrial Strategyand theEU recovery plan.

The European Commission has launched aEuropean Alliance on Industrial Data, Edge and Cloud, which will feature the development of several work streams, related to key EU policy goals:

EU countrieshave signedajoint declaration on cloudwhere they expressed their will to collaborate towards the creation of a European cloud.

Other initiatives related tocloud computing are:

In parallel, cloud computing and edge computing will be among those digital technologies that will contribute to achieving the sustainability goals of the EuropeanGreen Dealin areas such as farming, mobility, buildings and manufacturing.

The European Union also supports the development of cloud computing in Europe with research and innovation actions under theHorizon 2020 programme.

EU-funded projects will work on novel solutions for federating cloud infrastructures. New cloud-based services will have to respond to high-standard requirements with regard to data protection, performance, resilience and energy-efficiency. The services and infrastructures will have to meet the future digitisation needs of industry and the public sector. Addressing these challenges will also be part of and contribute to the technological ambitions of theNext Generation Internet(NGI).

In addition, the EU intends to invest 2bn via theEuropean Data Strategyin a European High Impact Project that will federate energy-efficient and trustworthy cloud infrastructures and related services. Cloud technologies that have been developed within Horizon 2020-funded research and by market actors will be deployed via the Connecting Europe Facility 2 (for cloud infrastructures interconnection) and Digital Europe (for cloud-to-edge services and cloud marketplaces) Programme.

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Cloud computing | Shaping Europes digital future

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