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A developer of data catalog software used in cloud migration, the maker of a cloud-based material management operating system for construction projects and the creator of software that connect APIs and microservices natively across and within clouds all made CRNs list of top cloud computing startups this year.

The startups come from the traditional tech hubs of the San Francisco Bay Area and the Boston area, but also emerging places for innovation in the cloud, including Miami and Detroit.

The list includes more seasoned startups like Alation, which approaches its 10th birthday, and Oatfin, founded last year and among the startups selected for the $5 million Google for Startups Black Founders Fund.

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A recent report from venture capital firm Battery Ventures sums up the growth of cloud computing during the pandemic and its ever-increasing potential: Eleven IPOs of large infrastructure-software companies since COVID-19 started, representing $236 billion in value; software companies raising about $300 billion so far in 2021, almost twice the $164 billion raised in 2019; and a collective annualized revenue run rate of $100 billion for the largest public cloud companies: Amazon, Microsoft and Google.

Battery puts cloud computing spend in 2025 at an estimated $848 billion, more than double the $320 billion of 2020. That 2025 amount represents only 16 percent penetration, according to the report.

And IBM CEO Arvind Krishna likes to call the hybrid cloud market -- just one section of cloud -- a $1 trillion total addressable market.

Heres CRNs list of 10 cloud computing startups to watch so far in 2021.

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The Top 10 Hottest Cloud Computing Startup Companies Of 2021 - CRN

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