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WPMU DEV Hosting$49

WPMU DEV is a popular WordPress platform where you can manage your WordPress sites, get support and get plugins. You can also host your sites on the recently introduced WPMU DEV Hosting platform. Read our review of WPMU DEVs hosting here.

Youve probably already heard about them. Youve either already heard about their maintenance hub, one of their plugins, their support forums, or one of their extensive blog posts. Theyre a popular platform and already well-known among the WordPress community. The plugin portfolio by WPMU DEV includes plugins that are some of the most used plugins in WordPress overall, which include an SEO plugin, an image optimization plugin, and more. They have a hub where you can manage any WordPress sites, hosted at any other host. Take backups, update plugins and themes, track uptime, and more. You dont even have to use their own hosting platform to use the hub.

One of their recently introduced membership features is the WPMU DEV WordPress hosting. If youre a member, you can host 3 sites at their platform for free.

Well go in detail and review their hosting platform below. We wont focus much on the hub or other features, there are plenty of other good reviews about them.

The hosting dashboard (control panel/hub) is one of the easiest and most user-friendly platforms weve come across. You can spin up a new site in seconds. Everything you need to manage can be done with a couple of clicks, including changing your PHP version, taking backups, creating SFTP/SSH accountsYou can even analyze your sites analytics right from the hub.

Their hosting platform is pretty feature-rich. Well go over some of the features:

The WPMU DEV membership starts at $49 per month and includes all their plugins, the site management hub, and 3 free Bronze sites.

After the first 3 sites, the sites will be pilled per month, per site. Theres a 30-day free trial when you first sign up.

As per usual with other hosts, we did a simple speed test on a default WordPress site without making any changes.

The homepage fully loaded in 1.2 seconds, which is a great result, better than most other hosts.

You can view the full test results here.

If you get a better plan or tweak the image compression, CDN, and caching more, youll get better results. WPMU DEV has great tutorials on their site.

Here are the pros and cons of the WPMU DEV hosting platform, in short:



All in all theyre a great option. Easy to use, fast cloud hosting with lots of features, especially if you decide to use their hub with all their plugins. Everything just fits and works perfectly. They arent the cheapest though, so if you expect quality support with lots of features, youve got to pay for it.

Bear in mind that this is still a fairly new hosting platform so you may notice some oddities here and there. Make sure to report them.

Theyre always improving and they always accept feedback and feature requests from the community, so you can expect more features and improvements soon.

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WPMU DEV Hosting Review Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting

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