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Todays security landscape is changing very fast. The number of cyberattacks each day has risen from a mere 500 to an estimated 200,000-500,000. The volume of threats and information that must be processed is greater than humans alone can manage. We need the speed of machines to process, adapt, and scale.

But we need humans too, to match and outmatch the wits and ingenuity of the human attackers on the other side of that code. In short, we need teams of humans and machines, learning and informing each otherand working as one.

McAfee has fully embraced security analytic solutions using advanced, adaptive, and state-of-the-art machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence techniques. Driving the pace of innovation, McAfee is moving quickly to evolve beyond the standard forms of advanced analytics to adopt a multi-layered approach known as human-machine teaming. This approach, by adding the human-in-the-loop within our products and processes, shows a 10x increase at catching threats with a 5-fold decrease in False Positives.*

* MIT 2016, Kalyan Veeramachaneni and Ignacio Arnaldo, AI: Training a big data machine to defend.

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Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence | McAfee

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