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Education has embraced machine learning. Some educators, however, still find themselves reluctant to join their colleagues in its adoption. They understand that artificial intelligence can improve job performance, but they shun machine learning altogether. They would rather dig in and do everything themselves even though machine learning could increase their job satisfaction.

Machine learning provides text analysis, automated grading, and tutoring systems. These benefit students and teachers. As the scope and quality of artificial intelligence continue to improve, well continue to see it included more routinely in every aspect of instruction.

Many teachers rely on machine learning for testing, customizing instruction, and even predicting academic achievement outcomes. Their jobs have become more streamlined, and technology helps them reach more students.

Not all teachers, however, have been quick to accept the inevitable inclusion of machine learning in their classrooms. They analyze data on their own, rely on traditional classroom management strategies, and customize learning themselves. This adherence to past practices can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Teachers unwillingness to embrace change has left them and possibly their students behind.

Even intelligent software applications like Google Assistant and Apples Siri take a back seat in the classroom when the teacher wont experiment with new technology.

Some educators arent interested in what machine learning can do for them.

How machine learning helps the classroom

Teachers find themselves responsible for meeting more demanding expectations with each passing year. They must accommodate for a variety of learning styles. They have to create scaffolded instruction for every student. All of this is in addition to their other responsibilities for the safety, health, and well-being of their students.

Teachers do not have enough time in the day to do it all.

As a result, todays classrooms require that educators demonstrate immense adaptabilty and flexibility. Academic expectations are changing continuously. To meet these new standards, education leaders revise learning expectations and increase rigor. These revisions require new instructional methods and resources to support them.

Machine learning provides the extra boost teachers need to educate the whole child and meet new standards. Intelligence automation assists educators in the pursuit of whats best for every child in their classrooms. It makes teaching easier.

Why would teachers run from something that helps them do their jobs?

Job replacement concern

The real reason your school avoids machine learning is fear.

Some teachers worry that that artificial intelligence will make their skills obsolete. Machine learning will take over traditional teacher tasks. Some educators think AI will replace teachers. No educator wants to lose their job, especially not to artificial intelligence.

Its up to us to help our teachers understand that machine learning will not replace them. We need our teachers more than ever, especially as artificial intelligence becomes more prevalent. Teachers bring immense value to the classroom. They bring human empathy. Machine learning performs the most routine instructional tasks so that teachers can fulfill their roles as inspirational role models for their students.

No amount of artificial intelligence will ever replace that.

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