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WorldView, a leading provider of integrated healthcare technology to the top home health and hospice EHR/EMR platforms, announced the upcoming launch of Referral AI, an enhancement to automate intake referrals using a custom AI/ML model built specific for the healthcare industry.

Referral AI uses AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) to scan and analyze dense referral document packets in seconds, detecting false positives and negatives, using custom rules to send confirmed referrals to the EHR/EMR system. Latest News: Alation Has Announced an Enhanced Integration With Snowflake Horizon

In a recent survey by WorldView, confidence in a referral being acted upon quickly was a top-ranking factor for 85 percent of referring partners. WorldViews Referral AI was designed to help agencies win more business and eliminate manual workflows related to the overload of documents in their inbox.

Home health and hospice agencies receive many forms of electronic documents in their inbox, including referrals for new patient service. Referrals must be acted on quickly, but with documents being dozens of pages, they often sit unread or, worse, are missed or overlooked. Over time, the referral can become invalid, resulting in lost revenue for the agency and posing a risk of delayed service for patients.

Referral AI is a custom AI/ML model built specifically for the home-based care industry and trained on 22+ years of data, outperforming off-the-shelf AI/ML models for similar tasks in speed and accuracy.

Referral AI benefits home health and hospice agencies through cutting-edge features:

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Why Referral AI matters:

When we started developing our Referral AI technology, we saw first-hand how other solutions released features that inevitably created more downstream issues, saidJared Robey, SVP at WorldView. We leveraged our extensive dataset to build and train our AI/ML model, ensuring that referrals are identified accurately and routed to an intake team for prioritization. This investment allows WorldView to continue pushing automation limits to enhance user experience and increase financial success.

WorldViews Referral AI prioritizes rapid patient care and reduces the burden on back-office staff. By drastically cutting down the time needed for the intake process, Referral AI enables care coordination to begin almost immediately. The solution provides an organized and insightful overview of the referral packet, ensuring clinicians have quick access to the patients clinical history, reasons for care, and critical findings. This clarity allows admitting clinicians to focus on delivering high-quality care without sifting through extensive documentation.

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WorldView Launches Referral AI to Boost Home Health and Hospice Revenue - AiThority

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