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Machine Learning to assist in addressing deferred care crisis

"Millions of Americans have gone without critical screenings and treatment for 18 months, creating a deferred care crisis that requires immediate and proven solutions to support those in need," said Gary Velasquez, CEO of Cogitativo. "We believe Visin will play a vital role in preventing acute medical events for vulnerable individuals and enabling health care organizations to mitigate many of the challenges that are on the horizon."

Cogitativo's new solution comes as health care payors and providers are reporting a rise in medical needs among individuals who were unable to receive care during the pandemic, including those with chronic conditions like cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, HIV, and mental health challenges. In addition, many providers are also struggling to manage a surge in patient visits, with the virus continuing to spread at the same time that people are returning to medical facilities for appointments, screenings, and treatment.

Visin analyzes patient health records through the lens of peer-reviewed literature on disease progression, social determinants of health, climate change, and other relevant data sources to predict elevated risk for an acute clinical event. These temporal-based predictions will enable healthcare payors and providers to identify members and patients most likely to require greater medical attention in the months ahead. This information will, in turn, facilitate health care payors and providers to proactively conduct outreach and render prophylactic care to at-risk beneficiaries and offer individualized recommendations on preventive care.

A version of Cogitativo's new machine learning platform was used by a host of health care leaders and public health officials during the pandemic. For example, Blue Shield of California used it to deliver personalized care and support to vulnerable beneficiaries; it helped guide mobile vaccination efforts in the City of Compton, California; and it provided insights to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

"Visin is the field-tested machine learning tool that so many health care payors have been waiting for, and it cannot come soon enough for those managing the fallout from the deferred care crisis," said Dr. Terry Gilliland, Chief Science Officer at Cogitativo and former Executive Vice President of Health Care Quality and Affordability at Blue Shield of California.

"Cogitativo's new machine learning tool can help physicians throughout the country identify their highest-risk patients and conduct proactive outreach, providing those patients the critical care and attention they need while also preventing unpredictable waves of patient visits that create capacity problems," said Dr. Hector Flores, Director of the Family Care Specialists Medical Group. Dr. Flores used a version of Visin during the pandemic to support his most vulnerable patients.

About Cogitativo Inc.Cogitativo is a Berkeley-based data science company founded in 2015 with a mission to create and implement innovative, scalable solutions to the most complex challenges facing the healthcare system. Leveraging machine learning, proprietary data sets, and expertise from leaders with decades of experience working with public health agencies, Cogitativo can deliver actionable insights and save lives. To date, Cogitativo has successfully applied data science solutions to more than 200 unique operational challenges to significantly improve the efficiency of our healthcare systems and protect vulnerable patients and communities. Visitwww.cogitativo.comfor more information.

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Cogitativo Releases Visin, A First-Of-Its-Kind Machine Learning Tool Built to Tackle the Growing Deferred Care Crisis - PRNewswire

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